Hello everyone! In today’s post we want to show you our latest work for the company “El Cantero de Letur”. This is the advertising campaign for organic yogurt without lactose, which also appears in magazines this week Saber Vivir, Cuerpo y Mente, Integral, Bioeco, Objetivo Bienestar y VivirMejor.

The Cantero de Letur is one of those companies that impress. They are from a tiny town in the Sierra del Segura, Letur, in Albacete; and they were real pioneers 25 years ago, dedicating themselves to the production of organic dairy products. Cheeses, smoothies, yoghurts, milk, kefir, desserts … an authentic past. Its operation is exemplary, boast of farms formed by happy animals, its production is 100% ecological throughout the process, they are respectful with the environment, … Let’s say that if there were more agri-food companies such as El Cantero de Letur, surely our society would be better. We invite you to check it by taking a look at your web and his shop.

As you can read, doing the campaign for a company like that is a pleasure. So we started to handle different proposals. Finally we are left with an infallible: photography with two girls (our girls!) Tasting yogurt without lactose, natural and skimmed. Their faces say it all: they love them! So the result is 100% natural.
We show you a few photos of the making of so that you can see how much we enjoyed making the campaign, and how much the little ones enjoyed eating yogurt!

Y aquí el resultado. Así que este otoño, cuando veáis el anuncio del Cantero de Letur en diferentes revistas, acordaros que el diseño lo hicimos nosotros! 🙂