The evolution in the design has been incredible. Now designers and illustrators have a thousand tools that make our lives easier and save us a lot of time.

But in Cartel we like to work with our hands, to have brushes and pencils always close. And why are we going to cheat you, as long as we work in a campaign that lends itself to achieving its purpose by introducing more artistic elements, we take advantage of and take out watercolors, pencils, waxes and acrylics. Because we love the works with an artistic touch, made with the hands.

And one of the artistic and craft techniques that have most surprised us pleasantly and we believe that applied to advertising and communication are surprising is THE EMBROIDERY. Yes gentlemen, the embroidery. What our grandmothers and mothers have always done. The cross point, the point of Beauvois, the point of fantasy, the point of Umbria … are techniques that are using many artists and that have left us with our mouths open. That’s why we take advantage of and share with you some of the most interesting works we’ve seen (which we certainly collected in our Pinterest ):

Y como colofón este video que os va a dejar con la boca abierta realizado por Elliot Schultz: