Malota is Mar Hernández, an illustrator with a career and work of the most interesting in this country. And of course in Cartel is one of our references.

Malota’s illustrations are characterized by their stereotype-free strokes and captivated by the simplicity of their compositions.

We love how he makes use of color and how well he combines different techniques. She is an original and carefree artist. And of course all his designs are full of freshness, even his sketches are a pleasure to behold!

We love how he makes female figures, which have a lot of strength.

Sometimes we have coincided in a course taught by her where she told us that we had to take out the child we carry inside. It seems to us one of the best tips that can be given to an illustrator, and that we should always keep in mind!

We show you some of the most interesting works of Malota:

Y a vosotros ¿también os gusta el trabajo de Malota?

Sus diseños están llenos de frescura y cualquier boceto es un placer para la vista.

Todas las imagenes son de Malota: