For many Manolo Prieto is the name of the creator of the most recognizable silhouette that we find on Spanish roads: the Osborne bull. He is an essential of Spanish design.

But we want to talk about him today because Manolo Prieto did many more things besides the famous bull. This Andalusian was a graphic and creative </ b> essential in our country. A man who always knew how to reinvent himself (necessity and adverse conditions tightened), so he worked in several fields: art, illustration, advertising, cartoons, posters and in his last stage sculpture. His autobiography (can be read here) It is very curious to imagine an artist specialized in illustration trying to get ahead in a country at war, with its post-war post … It is worth taking a look.

The fact is that to us of his works, we like very much the covers that he made in his stage of creative director in “Publicidad Azor”, where he made the image of the collection “Novelas y Cuentos </ b>” during more 17 years old.

Apparently, he was not paid too much for these works, but he managed to get the most meaningful of each novel and capture it as an illustration. It is very noticeable that they are very thoughtful covers, with very innovative techniques at that time, original and very current (after more than 70 years).

There is a foundation that collects all its legacy and that apparently is working to settle in Madrid. Hopefully soon and we can visit the collection because they must have jewelry.

Hopefully the work of Manolo Prieto you like as much as we do.