cuadernos de bocetosWhen you have an idea and you need to leave a record.
When inspiration comes and you need paper and pen.
When you have a final idea clear but still prefer to work several proposals to see which one fits best.
When you need to do proof of lettering.
When you are obsessed with a theme and you like to go around and make hundreds of variations.
When you think “yes, but how would it be if I try this other …”
When the TV is playing in the background and you do not pay much attention because you keep thinking about that idea and you need to pick up a pencil again to entertain yourself …cuadernos de bocetos
In all these moments is when you get hold of sketchbooks or sketchbooks. This is where artists, illustrators and designers capture all our ideas. We always have them at hand, because the situations described above happen more often than you can imagine.
So sketchbooks are usually authentic collections of works of art embodied in Moleskines, Rhodias, Field Notes or Leuchtturm1917. And the “worst” of all is that many times we do not give much importance as they are part of our creative process, but the fact is that many times they are almost more impressive than the final works.
So we have selected a few notebooks from other artists and illustrators to judge for yourself how wonderful they can be: </ p>

And in the next post we promise to show you the skechtbook we have on Cartel because we would like you to enjoy them and give us your opinion!